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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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Projects under “Food, water and energy”

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Project • CRRP2016-06MY-Kumar

Development of new water supply strategies in two major cities of India and Sri Lanka in the context of climate change, rapid urbanization and population growth: a vulnerability assessment approach

Project • CRRP2016-08MY-Kuyama

Water-Energy-Food Nexus Perspective: Path Making for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to Country Actions in Asia

Project • CBA2015-06NSY-Silva

Escalating Small Hydropower Development and Aquatic Biodiversity of Mountain Streams in Sri Lanka

Project • CAF2015-RR12-NMY-Shaheen, CAF2016-RR07-CMY-Shaheen

Climate smart agriculture through sustainable water use management: Exploring new approaches and devising strategies for climate change adaptation in South Asia

Project • ARCP2015-07CMY-Babel, ARCP2014-16NMY-Babel

Developing an operational water security index, and its application in selected diverse regions of Asia

Project • CAF2015-RR10-NMY-Neef, CAF2016-RR05-CMY-Neef, CAF2017-RR01-CMY-Neef

Climate change adaptation in post-disaster recovery processes: Flood-affected communities in Cambodia and Fiji

Project • CAF2015-RR17-NMY-Arifwidodo, CAF2016-RR12-CMY-Arifwidodo

Understanding Urban Heat Island Effect and Its Implications to Climate Change Adaptation Strategies in Major Southeast Asian Cities

Project • CAF2015-RR19-NSY-Monprapussorn

Integrated analysis of climate, land-use and water for resilient urban megacities: A case study of Thailand and Viet Nam

Project • CBA2014-03NSY-Cruz

Collaborative Monitoring System for Enhanced Watershed Management in the Philippines

Project • CBA2015-01CMY-Singhruck, CBA2014-02NMY-Singhruck

Strengthening Adaptive Capacity of Local Agricultural Communities through the Development of Seasonal Climate Prediction System