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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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Projects under “Food, water and energy”

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Project • ARCP2015-13CMY-Zhou, ARCP2014-22NMY-Zhou

Assessment of Climate-Induced Long-term Water Availability in Ganges Basin and Impacts on Energy Security in South Asia

Project • ARCP2015-11CMY-Mishra, ARCP2014-20NMY-Mishra

Climate Change Adaptation through Optimal Stormwater Capture Measures: Towards a New Paradigm for Urban Water Security

Project • ARCP2014-24NSG-Lokupitiya

Scoping Workshop to Develop Proposal: Identification of the best agricultural management practices with better greenhouse gas benefits in salinity affected areas of South Asia

Project • ARCP2014-10CMY-Shrestha, ARCP2013-20NMY-Shrestha

Runoff Scenario and Water Based Adaptation Strategies in South Asia

Project • ARCP2014-13CMY-Sthiannopkao, ARCP2013-23NMY-Sthiannopkao

Developing Scientific and Management Tools to Address Impacts of Changing Climate and Land Use Patterns on Water Quality in East Asia’s River Basins

Project • ARCP2013-25NSY-Shahid

Climate Change Vulnerability and Adaptation in Groundwater-dependent Irrigation System in Asia-Pacific Region

Project • CBA2013-06NSY-Shrestha

Enhancing the groundwater management capacity in Asian cities through the development and application of groundwater sustainability index in the context of global change

Project • CBA2013-16NSY-Dargantes

Strengthening the Capability of Colleges of Agriculture in Incorporating Food and Water Security and Climate Change and Climate Variability into Curricular Programmes, Research and Extension Projects and Teaching Modules

Project • LCI2013-01CMY(R)-Vashist, LCI2012-01NMY(R)-Vashist

Identification of policy and institutional gaps, drivers and strategies to scale-up low carbon and energy efficient technology application in the construction and infrastructure sectors in South Asia

Project • LCI2013-02CMY(R)-Dhakal, LCI2012-02NMY(R)-Dhakal

Understanding and Quantifying the Water-Energy-Carbon Nexus for Low Carbon Development in Asian Cities