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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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Project • CBA2017-04MY-Akbar

Improving skills for promoting sustainable watershed management practices in South Asia

Climate change is severely impacting the socio-economic conditions of the small watershed in south Asia thus leading to increasing poverty and food insecurity. The existing traditional practices are not capable of coping with the rapidly emerging climate change risks in these climate change risk vulnerable areas. Sustainable watershed management practices may enhance the resilience of natural resources to climate change risks (floods/droughts) but lack of knowledge, training, resources and awareness are the main impediments in changing the local community attitude and behaviour towards a positive change. Nevertheless, significant funding has been allocated by the international donors for climate research involving simulation modelling for forecasting and assessments of climate risks and impacts but promoting climate risk reduction/mitigation through adaptation practices on farm were largely overlooked. Therefore, stimulated adoption of climate risk resilient practices are urgently required to cope with the emerging climate risks. Addressing these issues, this project is aimed to pursue sustainable management practices on climate risk vulnerable watersheds of south Asia through capacity building of key stakeholders (professionals, farmers and service provider) and sharing of regional knowledge, innovative practices and strengthening linkages for promoting sustainable management of climate change vulnerable watersheds in Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Nepal.

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