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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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Project • CRRP2019-03SY-Sharifi

Assessment of the actual and potential contributions of smart city projects to climate resilience in selected Asia-Pacific cities

Smart city initiatives enabled by Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) are deemed essential for helping cities to develop transformative solutions to address the challenges of global change and to create just, sustainable, and resilient communities. Several countries and regions in Asia and the Pacific (e.g., Australia, China, Japan, India and Taiwan) are at the forefront of designing/implementing smart city projects. While a vast body of knowledge exists on the contributions of such projects to sustainability and quality of life, little is known about their contributions to climate resilience and climate action planning. As many cities in the region are exposed to a broad array of climate-related disasters, enhancing resilience is expected to be at the center of smart city development efforts. Accordingly, the main aim of the project is to investigate the contributions of selected smart city projects to climate resilience. Through inter- and trans- disciplinary methods and workshops that involve a wide range of stakeholders, we will develop a smart city resilience assessment toolkit and use it to examine actual and/or potential performance of selected cases in Australia, China, Taiwan, India, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, and the United States. Results will provide useful scientific and policy knowledge on how to integrate resilience thinking into smart city developments and will also highlight lessons that can be transferred to less developed countries.

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