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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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Structure and governance

Intergovernmental Meeting (IGM)

The IGM, which consists of officials (national Focal Points) appointed by APN member country governments, is the general policy- and decision-making body of APN.  It sets policies related to the programmes, finances and activities of APN, adopts the Network’s rules and procedures, and is responsible for the long-term planning and resources development for APN. The IGM guides other organs and oversees the development and implementation of the Network’s strategic plans.

Steering Committee (SC)

The SC, a smaller group comprising members of the IGM, SPG and invited experts, acts on behalf of the IGM during intersessional periods. Among other duties, it develops and oversees the implementation of annual operating plans, reviews and approves annual financial reports and budgets, reviews and approves projects at the recommendation of other organs, and guides the Secretariat on matters related to the operations of APN

Scientific Planning Group (SPG)

The SPG provides recommendations on the scientific programme of APN. It reviews proposals submitted through an annual call and recommends proposals for approval by the Steering Committee. SPG members interact with other international research programmes on behalf of APN. They communicate closely with the nFP of their respective countries on APN-related matters.

SPG Sub-Committee (SPG-SC)

The SPG-SC is a subset of SPG members who oversee the implementation and development of the APN scientific activities, particularly the call for proposals under the Collaborative Regional Research Programme (CRRP). It reviews and prioritizes CRRP proposals and recommends them to the SPG.

Capacity Development Committee (CDC)

The CDC oversees the processes related to the operation of CAPaBLE, APN’s Scientific Capacity Development Programme and the development of strategies for its advancement. The Committee reviews and prioritizes CAPaBLE proposals for recommendation to the SC.

Subregional Committees (SRCs)

Each SRC includes national Focal Points and SPG members in a particular subregion. SRCs serve as a platform for discussing common subregional needs and assure the effective implementation of activities at the subregional level. APN has established four SRCs:


The Secretariat is the principal administrative organ of APN. It performs the daily operations of APN and, in particular, assists other organs in implementing APN’s strategic and operational plans, work programme and budgets, as well as other activities.