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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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The drastic effects of climate change and climate variability pose a significant threat to humanity. We promote regional efforts that contribute to coordinated global climate actions for a sustainable future.

Biodiversity and ecosystems

A rich biodiversity and healthy ecosystems ensure that nature continues to provide food and water, regulate climate, and protect societies from extreme weather events.

Air, land, coasts and oceans

Interactions among the land, air, coasts and oceans, whether caused by natural or human factors at different timescales, have profound implications on global environmental change and implications for sustainability.

Food, water and energy

Ensuring the security and sustainability of food, water and energy, which are interconnected and interdependent in many ways, requires a transdisciplinary approach engaging actors in different sectors.

Risk and resilience

We encourage countries to work together in deepening our understanding of disaster risks, strengthening capacity to manage those risks, and enhancing preparedness and resilience.

Human dimensions

Human activities affect and are affected by the Earth’s environment. Achieving our vision requires research and capacity development approaches that harness the latest development of social and natural sciences.