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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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Projects under “Biodiversity and ecosystems”

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Project • CBA2015-07NSY-Prasad

Biodiversity Conservation in Western Ghats, India: Capacity Building in Harnessing Geospatial Data Management

Project • CBA2015-06NSY-Silva

Escalating Small Hydropower Development and Aquatic Biodiversity of Mountain Streams in Sri Lanka

Project • CAF2015-RR11-NMY-Siswanto, CAF2016-RR06-CMY-Siswanto, CAF2017-02CMY-Siswanto

Developing high spatiotemporal resolution datasets of low-trophic level aquatic organism and land-use/land-cover in the Asia-Pacific region: toward an integrated framework for assessing vulnerability, adaptation, and mitigation of the Asia-Pacific ecosystems to global climate change

Project • CAF2015-RR13-NMY-Dautova, CAF2016-RR08-CMY-Dautova

Developing life-supporting marine ecosystems along the East Asia’s coasts

Project • CBA2014-11NSY(B&ES)-Zhang

IMBER ClimEco4 Summer School – Delineating the Issues of Climate Change and Impacts to Marine Ecosystems: Bridging the Gap between Research, Assessment, Policy and Management

Project • ARCP2014-14NMY(B&ES)-Salmo

Influence of Mangrove Biodiversity on Accumulation of Carbon and Resilience to Sea Level Rise: A Comparative Assessment among Disturbed, Restored and Intact Mangrove Systems

Project • CBA2014-05NSY(B&ES)-Gopal

Capacity building for conservation of biodiversity and ecosystem services of wetlands in relation to global change

Project • CBA2014-07NSY(B&ES)-Jia

International Training on Regional Ecosystem-Climate Interactions

Project • CBA2014-03NSY-Cruz

Collaborative Monitoring System for Enhanced Watershed Management in the Philippines

Project • ARCP2015-10CMY(B&ES)-Liang, ARCP2014-19NMY(B&ES)-Liang

Coastal forest management in the face of global change based on case studies in Japan, Myanmar and the Philippines