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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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Projects under “Biodiversity and ecosystems”

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Project • CBA2019-02MY-Hoang

Creating a Conflict Management Model as a Tool for Sustainable Community-Based Tourism (CBT) Development in Protected Areas in Central, Vietnam: Lessons from Experience in Japan

Project • CRRP2019-08MY-Khanal

Collaborative Research Platform to Manage Risk and Enhance Resilience of Coral Reef in Southeast Asia

Project • CRRP2019-05MY-Benkendorff

Understanding the Interaction of Ocean Acidification and Marine Tourism for Sustainable Management of Coral Reefs

Project • AOF2013-01SY-Japan/ROK

Workshop to Scope Activities Associated with Assessing Impacts on Biodiversity & Ecosystems

Project • CBA2012-08NSY-Hongbo

International Workshop on Marine Invasive Species Problems in Northwest Pacific Region

Project • CRRP2019-04MY-Chakraborty

Interlinkage of Ecosystem Services and Human Wellbeing to Enhance Climate Smart Landscapes in Small Watersheds: Analysis for Policy-Relevant Solutions in South Asian Context

Project • CRRP2018-03MY-Hashimoto

Plausible alternative futures of island mangroves in the Asia-Pacific: Scenario-based analysis and quantification of mangrove ecosystem services in coastal hazard mitigation and climate change adaptation

Project • CRRP2018-05MY-Harper

Assessing the feasibility of applying payment for forest ecosystem services in Viet Nam and Bangladesh mangrove forests

Project • CBA2018-08SY-Lopez-Casero

Strengthening inter-sectoral coordination and governance for the effective implementation of Nepal’s NDCs based on a voluntary national Quality-of-Governance Standard for Forest Sector Activities and Programmes

Project • CBA2018-10SY-Kumar

The health and restoration of economically and culturally important rivers of India in the context of climate change impacts and sustainable development: A project for the capacity enhancement of practitioners and for devising restoration plans