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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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Projects under “Biodiversity and ecosystems”

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Project • ARCP2015-06CMY-Wu, ARCP2014-15NMY-Wu, ARCP2016-02CMY-Wu

Comparative analysis of pollution sources at the Hangzhou Bay & Mekong river mouths

Project • ARCP2012-14NMY-Carter, ARCP2013-09CMY-Carter

Coral reef and water quality status and community understanding of threats in the eastern Gulf of Thailand

Project • ARCP2015-01CMY-Miyata, ARCP2014-04CMY-Miyata, ARCP2013-14NMY-Miyata

Toward CarboAsia: Integration and Syntheses of Terrestrial Ecosystem Flux Data in Tropics/Subtropics and Croplands in Asia by Activating Regional Tower-based Observation Networks

Project • ARCP2015-03CMY-Li, ARCP2014-06CMY-Li, ARCP2013-16NMY-Li

Assessing Spatiotemporal Variability of NPP, NEP and Carbon Sinks of Global Grassland Ecosystem in Response to Climate Change in 1911-2011

Project • ARCP2014-09CMY-Gomboev, ARCP2013-19NMY-Gomboev

Boreal and Tropical Forest and Forest-Steppes in East Asia: A Comparative Study on Climate Impacts and Adaptation

Project • CBA2013-09NSY-Pascoe

Building Capacity for Socio-Ecological Resilience to Coral Bleaching Events in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand

Project • CBA2013-14NSY-Maity

Promoting Algaculture in Trapped Waters as Sustainable Aquafarming and Adaptive Climate Mitigation in Inundated Coastal Areas

Project • ARCP2012-12NMY-Roy, ARCP2013-07CMY-Roy

Coastal Ecosystem and Changing Economic Activities: Challenges for Sustainability Transition

Project • ARCP2012-16NMY-Yabe, ARCP2013-11CMY-Yabe

GEOSS/Asian Water Cycle Initiative/Water Cycle Integrator (GEOSS/AWCI/WCI)

Project • ARCP2012-19NSY-Kamal

Assessing Climate Change Impacts on Salt Marsh and Seagrass Ecosystems in the South and South East Asian Coasts