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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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Project • ARCP2013-25NSY-Shahid

Climate Change Vulnerability and Adaptation in Groundwater-dependent Irrigation System in Asia-Pacific Region

Project • ARCP2013-26NSY-Patankar

Characterizing public and private adaptation to climate change and implications for long-term adaptive capacity in Asian megacities

Project • ARCP2013-27NSY-Liu

The Impact of Global Warming on Ocean-Atmosphere Feedback Strength at Tropical Indian Ocean

Project • ARCP2014-09CMY-Gomboev, ARCP2013-19NMY-Gomboev

Boreal and Tropical Forest and Forest-Steppes in East Asia: A Comparative Study on Climate Impacts and Adaptation

Project • ARCP2014-10CMY-Shrestha, ARCP2013-20NMY-Shrestha

Runoff Scenario and Water Based Adaptation Strategies in South Asia

Project • ARCP2014-11CMY-Yamada, ARCP2013-21NMY-Yamada

Adaptation of Solid Waste Management to Frequent Floods in Vulnerable Mid-Scale Asian Cities

Project • ARCP2014-12CMY-Sellers, ARCP2013-22NMY-Sellers

Mega-Regional Development and Environmental Change in China and India

Project • ARCP2014-13CMY-Sthiannopkao, ARCP2013-23NMY-Sthiannopkao

Developing Scientific and Management Tools to Address Impacts of Changing Climate and Land Use Patterns on Water Quality in East Asia’s River Basins

Project • ARCP2015-01CMY-Miyata, ARCP2014-04CMY-Miyata, ARCP2013-14NMY-Miyata

Toward CarboAsia: Integration and Syntheses of Terrestrial Ecosystem Flux Data in Tropics/Subtropics and Croplands in Asia by Activating Regional Tower-based Observation Networks

Project • ARCP2015-02CMY-Ailikun, ARCP2014-05CMY-Ailikun (Manton), ARCP2013-15NMY-Manton

Coordinated Regional Climate Downscaling Experiment (CORDEX) in Monsoon Asia