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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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Project • ARCP2015-03CMY-Li, ARCP2014-06CMY-Li, ARCP2013-16NMY-Li

Assessing Spatiotemporal Variability of NPP, NEP and Carbon Sinks of Global Grassland Ecosystem in Response to Climate Change in 1911-2011

Project • ARCP2015-04CMY-Tangang, ARCP2014-07CMY-Tangang, ARCP2013-17NMY-Tangang

Southeast Asia Regional Climate Downscaling Project (SEACLID)

Project • ARCP2014-08CMY-Prabhakar, ARCP2013-18NMY-Prabhakar

Assessing community risk insurance initiatives and identifying enabling policy and institutional factors for maximizing climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction benefits from risk insurance

Project • ARCP2012-23NSG-Crawford

Scoping Workshop to Develop Proposal: Human Responses to Catastrophic Monsoon Events in South Asia, Designing a Spatially Explicit Model in Low-Lying Coastal Areas

Project • ARCP2013-13CMY-Sase, ARCP2012-18NMY-Sase

Dynamics of Sulphur Derived From Atmospheric Deposition and Its Possible Impacts on the East Asian Forests

Project • ARCP2012-19NSY-Kamal

Assessing Climate Change Impacts on Salt Marsh and Seagrass Ecosystems in the South and South East Asian Coasts

Project • ARCP2012-20NSY-Musafer

Sustainable Biochar Systems in Developing Countries

Project • ARCP2012-21NSY-Siswanto

Climate Change and Human Impacts on Marine Biological Production in the Asia-Pacific Marginal Seas

Project • ARCP2012-22NSG-Prayitno

Scoping Workshop to Develop Proposal: Vulnerability Assessment of Mangrove Biodiversity to Climate Change in Southeast Asia

Project • ARCP2013-08CMY-DeCosta, ARCP2012-13NMY-DeCosta

A Study on Loss of Land Surface and Changes to Water Resources Resulting from Sea Level Rise and Climate Change