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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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Project • ARCP2015-10CMY(B&ES)-Liang, ARCP2014-19NMY(B&ES)-Liang

Coastal forest management in the face of global change based on case studies in Japan, Myanmar and the Philippines

Project • ARCP2014-23NSG-Huang

Scoping Workshop to Develop Proposal: Assessing the Health Effects of Extreme Temperatures and the Development of Adaptation Strategies to Climate Change in the Asia Pacific Region

Project • ARCP2015-13CMY-Zhou, ARCP2014-22NMY-Zhou

Assessment of Climate-Induced Long-term Water Availability in Ganges Basin and Impacts on Energy Security in South Asia

Project • ARCP2015-11CMY-Mishra, ARCP2014-20NMY-Mishra

Climate Change Adaptation through Optimal Stormwater Capture Measures: Towards a New Paradigm for Urban Water Security

Project • ARCP2014-24NSG-Lokupitiya

Scoping Workshop to Develop Proposal: Identification of the best agricultural management practices with better greenhouse gas benefits in salinity affected areas of South Asia

Project • ARCP2015-06CMY-Wu, ARCP2014-15NMY-Wu, ARCP2016-02CMY-Wu

Comparative analysis of pollution sources at the Hangzhou Bay & Mekong river mouths

Project • CAF2016-RR01-CMY-Basnayake, CAF2015-RR01-CMY-Basnayake, CAF2014-RR01-NMY-Basnayake

Developing Climate Inclusive Potential Loss and Damage Assessment Methodology for Flood Hazards

Project • ARCP2015-12CMY-Sharp, ARCP2014-21NMY-Sharp

Integrated solid waste management system leading to zero waste for sustainable resource utilization in rapid urbanized areas in developing countries

Project • ARCP2015-09CMY-Heath, ARCP2014-18NMY-Heath

Development of an evidence-based climate change adaptation toolkit to help improve community resilience to climate change impacts in Uttarakhand, India

Project • ARCP2013-08CMY-DeCosta, ARCP2012-13NMY-DeCosta

A Study on Loss of Land Surface and Changes to Water Resources Resulting from Sea Level Rise and Climate Change