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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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Project • CRRP2016-10MY-Huang

Assessing the health effects of extreme temperatures and the development of adaptation strategies to climate change in the Asia-Pacific region

Project • CRRP2016-03MY-Nunn

Risk and resilience in the Pacific: Influence of peripherality on exposure and responses to global change

Project • CRRP2016-04MY-Zhen

Assessing land use functions for sustainable land management in Asian countries

Project • CRRP2016-05MY-Rowlings

Managing Organic Amendments to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Supplement Fertiliser Nitrogen Inputs in Tropical Indian and Sri Lankan Agricultural Soils

Project • CRRP2016-06MY-Kumar

Development of new water supply strategies in two major cities of India and Sri Lanka in the context of climate change, rapid urbanization and population growth: a vulnerability assessment approach

Project • CRRP2016-07MY-Ishigaki

Appropriate Solid Waste Management towards flood risk reduction through recovery of drainage function in tropical Asian urban cities

Project • CRRP2016-01MY-Park

Water Pollution Impacts on Carbon Export and Greenhouse Gas Evasion from Asian River Systems

Project • CRRP2016-02MY-Santisirisomboon

SEACLID/CORDEX Southeast Asia Phase 2: High-resolution analysis of climate extreme over key areas in Southeast Asia

Project • ARCP2015-07CMY-Babel, ARCP2014-16NMY-Babel

Developing an operational water security index, and its application in selected diverse regions of Asia

Project • ARCP2015-12CMY-Sharp, ARCP2014-21NMY-Sharp

Integrated solid waste management system leading to zero waste for sustainable resource utilization in rapid urbanized areas in developing countries