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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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Project • CRRP2018-03MY-Hashimoto

Plausible alternative futures of island mangroves in the Asia-Pacific: Scenario-based analysis and quantification of mangrove ecosystem services in coastal hazard mitigation and climate change adaptation

Project • CRRP2017-01MY-Marcotullio

Tracking Influences of Asian Urban GHG Emissions for Sustainability Policies: Identifying Low Carbon Pathways to Meet the Paris Agreement

Project • CRRP2017-04MY-Balt

Ecological vulnerability assessment for adaptation strategy formulation at different spatial scales in Western Mongolia and China

Project • CRRP2017-05MY-Demberel

Climatogenic Transformation of the Alpine Landscapes in Mongolian and Russian Altai

Project • CRRP2017-07SY-Farzaneh

Multiple Benefits Assessment of the Low Emission Development Strategies in Asia Pacific Cities

Project • CRRP2017-09SY-Ahmed

Understanding the opportunities and challenges of compliance to safe building codes for disaster resilience in South Asia – the cases of Bangladesh and Nepal

Project • CRRP2017-03MY-Camacho

Sustainable Mangrove Rehabilitation for Global and Local Benefits

Project • CRRP2017-02MY-Sentian

Climate Change, Biomass Burning and Biogenic Emission Impact on Surface Ozone and Particulate Matter in Southeast Asia

Project • CRRP2017-06MY-Kawasaki

Effective Models for Payment Mechanisms for Forest Ecosystem Services in Papua New Guinea, Philippines and Thailand

Project • CRRP2016-08MY-Kuyama

Water-Energy-Food Nexus Perspective: Path Making for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to Country Actions in Asia