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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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Project • CRRP2020-04MY-Sethi

Integrated climate action planning (ICLAP) 2050 tool in Asia-Pacific cities

While the climate change phenomenon is global in GHG contributions and impacts; there is a growing consensus to respond to the 2oC challenge through concerted local actions. However, there is disintegrated knowledge on (a) Short, mid and long-term climate vulnerability at the sub-national level (b) How variedly do different societies contribute to climate change- their GHG structures, and (c) What climate action are governments and organizations taking at the local level, across the globe. This research aims to create a collaborative network of experts to prepare an integrated climate action planning (ICLAP) decision-making tool for settlements with 5 million+ population in the Asia Pacific to enable them in evidence-based climate action. The proposed tool adopts an innovative methodology of integrating 3 different knowledge domains/ analytics: (a) Spatial: Downscaling global/ regional climate scenarios to forecast local climate variability (50 km x 50 km) for 2030 (SDG target) & 2050 (b) Statistical: Meta-analysis of 49 five million-plus cities in Asia to forecast demographic, economy, energy & GHG scenarios and (c) Bibliometric: Systematic review climate interventions- mitigation and adaptation from city case studies world-wide (from Web of Science/ APSIS database). The tool will help cities know their mid-term climate variability, current and future GHG profiles and available solutions at their disposal.

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