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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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Call for proposals of case studies on urban climate initiatives in Asia-Pacific cities

The Integrated Climate Action Planning (ICLAP) 2050 tool in Asia-Pacific cities is a collaborative research project led by Indian Society for Applied Research & Development (ISARD) and supported by APN. The project aims to prepare a science based decision making model that includes mitigation and adaptation considerations as well as evidence on urban climate solutions in the form of case studies from the real world. Keeping in view these objectives, ISARD aims to host an International Urban Climate Conference in New Delhi (with virtual /remote accessing facility) that would present the background theory, methodology and research findings of ICLAP tool to facilitate scientific decision making in Asia-Pacific cities.

Special session: Case studies and best practices on Urban Climate Initiatives in Asia-Pacific Cities

The conference will organize a special session deliberating on how Asia-Pacific cities are responding to the climate change on the ground. These include but not limited to identification of climate risks and vulnerabilities, urban/metropolitan GHG emissions and mitigation efforts, challenges in pursuing climate adaptation, urban climate resilience initiatives and co-benefits across different sectors (buildings, transport, energy, landuse, etc.). Researchers, practitioners and academics are encouraged to share their investigations, data findings and experiences of working on urban climate issues in the Asia-Pacific. Interested participants are encouraged to visit the project page, materials of earlier workshops and publications to have an overview of ICLAP research, though it is expected that the current submission would provide fresh perspectives on how civic/ municipal governments, corporates, NGOs, etc. are addressing climate and energy related problems in cities.

Contributions expected from participants:

1) Conference Participation: The authors/ contributors of successful contributions will be allotted 30 minute slots to virtually present their research via a PowerPoint presentation during the two-day conference. This would be followed by an interaction, where data/ research findings will be discussed by conference participants and experts. All presenters would be issued a certificate of participation from the conference organizers.

2) Book/ Book chapter: The presenters will be given additional time to expand their presentations, modify their draft papers while including feedback obtained during the conference interactions. The final draft will be incorporated into an edited book volume (ISBN/e-ISBN). No additional editing or publishing fees will be charged to successful contributors.


  • Submission of abstract- 31 December 2022 (extended)
  • Feedback upon reviewing of abstracts- 5 January 2023 (extended)
  • Last date of draft presentation/paper submission (2500 words)-  5 February 2023 (extended)
  • ICLAP Conference in New Delhi (& virtually)- mid February 2023 (date TBD)
  • Registration fees (25 January 2023):
    USD 120 (Postgrad/PhD scholar), USD 170 (Postdoc, researcher, academic, professional).
  • Early-bird fees (10 January 2023):
    USD 90 (Postgrad/PhD scholar), USD 130 (Postdoc, researcher, academic, professional).

Contact information:

For submissions of abstracts or any queries, email to the ICLAP Project In-charge at: [email protected]