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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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Building scientific capacity at individual, organizational and systemic levels

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Project • CBA2018-03MY-Bellotti

Enhancing capacity of scientists and practitioners for promoting resilient food systems in Indonesia and the South Pacific

Project • CBA2018-01MY-Wanthongchai

Integrated Highland Wildfire, Smoke and Haze Management in the Upper Indochina Region

Project • CBA2018-04MY-Geetha

Capacity development training workshop on crop simulation modelling and effects of climate risks on agricultural production systems in Southeast Asia

Project • CBA2018-05SY-Indrawan

Capturing sustainable development innovations from the ground, towards strategic advocacy and mainstreaming for SDGs policy across the ASEAN region

Project • CBA2018-06-Villacorta

Capacity Building Programme on Developing Project Proposals for Climate Change Adaptation for Northeast Thailand

Project • CBA2018-07SY-Kwan

Integrating Health into Urban Planning towards Sustainable Development Goals in Developing Countries

Project • CBA2018-08SY-Lopez-Casero

Strengthening inter-sectoral coordination and governance for the effective implementation of Nepal’s NDCs based on a voluntary national Quality-of-Governance Standard for Forest Sector Activities and Programmes

Project • CBA2018-10SY-Kumar

The health and restoration of economically and culturally important rivers of India in the context of climate change impacts and sustainable development: A project for the capacity enhancement of practitioners and for devising restoration plans

Project • CBA2018-09SY-Perdinan

Climate Smart Actions “Saung Iklim” for Small Holders’ Farmers in Subang District-West Java Indonesia

Project • CBA2018-02MY-Fan

Water-food-energy nexus in East Asia: insights from changes in consumption pattern