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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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Building scientific capacity at individual, organizational and systemic levels

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Project • CBA2019-04MY-Balikuddembe

Climate Change, Ageing and Disability: Life Experience of Being Old, Disabled and Affected by Climate-Induced Disasters in China

Project • CBA2019-05SY-Do

Enhancing Capacity for Public Communities in Renewable Energy Producing from Livestock Wastes Adapting Climate Change

Project • CBA2019-06SY-Choi

International Workshop on Key Indicator Species and Habitats for Marine Biodiversity Change in East Asia

Project • CBA2019-07SY-Khan

Pathways to Strengthening Capabilities for Climate Smart Agriculture in Pakistan

Project • CBA2019-01SY-Landicho

Establishment of rainwater harvesting technology in selected upland farming communities in the Philippines

Project • CBA2019-02MY-Hoang

Creating a Conflict Management Model as a Tool for Sustainable Community-Based Tourism (CBT) Development in Protected Areas in Central, Vietnam: Lessons from Experience in Japan

Project • CBA2012-14NSG-Adiningsih

Scoping Workshop to develop an APN Proposal on Capacity Building of Climate Change Adaptation on Urban Planning in the Southeast Asia

Project • CBA2012-08NSY-Hongbo

International Workshop on Marine Invasive Species Problems in Northwest Pacific Region

Project • ECSC2019-01-Do

Climate change adaption through site-specific agroforestry farming for communities and household in upstream catchment area of Da River—A practical guidance

Project • CBA2020-08SY-Idris

Sustained capacity building among early-career researchers towards climate resilience by effective ocean monitoring through the satellite remote sensing