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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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Building scientific capacity at individual, organizational and systemic levels

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Project • CRECS2020-01MY-Tseren-Ochir

Sulfur isotopic approach on sources and production of urban atmospheric particulate matters in East Asia

Project • CRECS2020-03MY-Seah

The impacts of Himalaya’s glacier melting on arsenic mass balance and its mobility in Mekong and Salween sub-region groundwater

Project • CBA2019-08SY-Wang

ICRC CORDEX 2019: Promoting involvement of early career scientists from the Asia-Pacific region in regional integrated and sustainable development through active participation and networking

Photo by Toomas Tartes on Unsplash

Project • CBA2019-09SY-Fernandez

Developing Capacity for Post-typhoon Disaster Waste Management in Coastal Cities in China, Fiji, and the Philippines

Photo by Farida Ridhwan on Pixabay

Project • CBA2019-10MY-Ghosh Sarkar

Strengthening Adaptive Capacities of South Asian Agrarian Communities by Developing Climate Information Network (CIN) Based Scientific Cropping Calendar Towards Preparedness for Weather Extremes

Project • CBA2019-11SY-Sutrisno

Integrated Coastal Landscape Management: An Adaptation Related to Climate Change Impact

Project • CBA2019-12SY-Jiang

Facilitating the attendance, interaction and training of young and developing nation scientists from Asia-Pacific at the WCRP Institute of Advanced Studies in Climate Extremes and Risk Management

Project • CBA2019-03MY-Kaushik

Building Capacity to Enhance Farmer’s Capabilities to Address the Challenges of Climate Change Using Climate Smart Agriculture Strategies

Photo by Galen Crout on Unsplash

Project • CBA2019-04MY-Balikuddembe

Climate Change, Ageing and Disability: Life experience of being old, disabled and affected by climate-induced disasters in China

Project • CBA2019-05SY-Do

Enhancing Capacity for Public Communities in Renewable Energy Producing from Livestock Wastes Adapting Climate Change