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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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Project • CBA2017-01MY-HO

Using indigenous knowledge to enhance community resilience to climate change in the mountainous region of Vietnam

Project • CBA2017-02MY-Tanimoto

Fostering of the next generation of scientists for better understanding of air quality in Monsoon Asia and Oceania region

Project • CBA2016-04MY-Jayasinghe (Dutta)

Mainstreaming weather and climate information application for agroecosystem resilience in a changing climate

Project • CBA2016-09SY-NGO

Ecosystem Based Adaptation approach for Sustainable Management and Governance of Coastal Ecosystems (ENGAGE )

Project • CBA2016-10SY-Sutrisno

Rapid mapping technique for disaster observation and environmental change data acquisition

Project • CBA2016-05SY-Kang

Facilitating the attendance, interaction and training of young and developing nation scientists from Asia Pacific at the International Conference on Regional Climate – CORDEX 2016 (ICRC-CORDEX 2016)

Project • CBA2016-03SY-Luong

Enhancing perception and capacity for national and provincial leaders and practitioners on GHG emission inventory to support the implementation of NAMAs and development of low-carbon cities in Vietnam

Project • CBA2016-06SY-Qiao

CLIVAR Open Science Conference

Project • CBA2016-08SY-Weerakkody

Capacity Development of Agrarian Research-Policy-Technology Personnel in Sri Lanka on ‘Global Change and Sustainability’

Project • CBA2016-07SY-Shrestha

Adapting groundwater of Asian cities to climate change: bridging the science and policy interface