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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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Project • CBA2020-11SY-Higelin

Connecting women-led local realities with the global discourse on climate adaptation and DRR: Interrogating women’s lived experiences in Cambodia and Vanuatu

In Asia-Pacific, climate change is driving more severe and recurrent disasters, placing present and future burdens on socio-economic development. Compounded with pre-existing gender and other inequalities, women living in poverty and exclusion face increasing challenges. Despite global efforts on gender mainstreaming, approaches to the climate crises remain largely technocratic and siloed, resulting in women being excluded from decision-making.

Research undertaken by Monash University in partnership with ActionAid (AA), addresses these challenges in transforming current science-policy interfaces (SPIs) and approaches through an integrated framework for gender responsive alternatives to climate change (GRACC) and related crises, built upon the lived experiences of women in Cambodia, Kenya and Vanuatu.

By enhancing the capacity of local women leaders and practitioners in Cambodia and Vanuatu, the project’s objective is to explore increased community women’s leadership capacity to participate in and connect national and global agendas on CC. Drawing on AA’s global experience in supporting community women’s empowerment, local practitioners and women will connect with each other, explore how global policies impact their work and inform these agendas with their local knowledge and through joint advocacy. AA will continue to explore how community women’s collective action enhances individual empowerment and builds bridges between civil society and government at all levels.