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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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Projects under “Risk and resilience”

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Project • CBA2013-05NSY-Sutrisno

The Implementation of Multi Sensors Remote Sensing Technology for Sustainable Disaster Management

Project • CBA2013-09NSY-Pascoe

Building Capacity for Socio-Ecological Resilience to Coral Bleaching Events in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand

Project • CBA2013-03NMY-D'Arrigo, CBA2014-01CMY-D'Arrigo

ACRE SE Asia – Towards new weather and climate baselines for assessing weather and climate extremes, impacts and risks over Southeast Asia

Project • CAF2013-01SY-L+D(F)-Huq

Asia Pacific Forum on Loss and Damage

Project • ARCP2012-23NSG-Crawford

Scoping Workshop to Develop Proposal: Human Responses to Catastrophic Monsoon Events in South Asia, Designing a Spatially Explicit Model in Low-Lying Coastal Areas

Project • CBA2012-15NSY-Hiwasaki

Capacity Building to Strengthen Resilience of Coastal and Small Island Communities against Impacts of Hydro-Meteorological Hazards and Climate Change

Project • CBA2012-16NSY-Gordov

Capacity Building to Study and Address Climate Change Induced Extremes in Northern Asia

Project • CBA2011-07NMY-Abawi, CBA2012-01CMY-Abawi

Building Scientific Capacity in Seasonal Climate Forecasting (SCF) for Improved Risk Management Decisions in a Changing Climate

Project • ARCP2011-20NSY-McEvoy

Assessment of Climate Change Risks and Adaptation Options for Secondary Cities in South-western Bangladesh and Central Vietnam

Project • CBA2010-07NSY

Web-based ‘Discussion-support’ Agricultural-Climate Information for Regional India