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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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Project • 2002-09-NMY, 2003-02-CMY, 2004-01-CMY

Applying Climate Information to Enhance the Resilience of Farming Systems Exposed to Climatic Risk in South and Southeast Asia

Project • 2002-12-NMY, 2003-04-CMY, 2004-02-CMY

Water Resources in South Asia: An Assessment of Climate Change-Associated Vulnerabilities and Coping Mechanisms

Project • APN2002-VR2

Second APN Workshop on Vegetation Recovery in Degraded Land Areas

Project • 2002-15-NMY, 2003-05-NMY, 2004-03-CMY

Inventory of Glaciers and Glacial Lakes and the Identification of Potential Glacial Lake Outburst Floods (GLOFs) Affected by Global Warming in the Mountains of India, Pakistan and China/Tibet Autonomous Region

Project • APN2002-LUCC-VR-SYM

APN International Symposium on Land Use and Cover Change and Vegetation Recovery – Global Environmental Change Research and its Application in Conservation Measures

Project • 2002-06

Third International Human Dimensions Workshop – Human Dimensions of Urbanisation and the Transition to Sustainability

Project • 2002-07

International Workshop on Reducing Vulnerability of Agriculture and Forestry to Climate Variability and Climate Change

Project • 2002-08

Training Workshop for the Pacific Island Countries to Enhance Skills in Global Change Negotiations and Synthesis Activities

Project • 2002-10

Climate Variability and Rice-Wheat Productivity in the Indo-Gangetic Plains

Project • 2002-11

Joint Support for Symposium on Adaptation of Asia and Pacific to Global Change in the 20th Pacific Science Congress