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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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Peer-reviewed publication • 2020

Atmospheric chemistry research in Monsoon Asia and Oceania: Current status and future prospects

Peer-reviewed publication • 2019

Relative effects of climate variation and human activities on grassland dynamics in Africa from 2000 to 2015

Project • CRRP2019-02MY-TNguyen

Exploring Gendered Knowledge and Inclusiveness in Community Resilience for Flooding Disaster. Case Studies in Can Tho City (Vietnam) and Cebu City (Philippines)

Project • CRRP2019-03SY-Sharifi

Assessment of the actual and potential contributions of smart city projects to climate resilience in selected Asia-Pacific cities

Peer-reviewed publication • 2019

Determinants of carbon emissions in ‘Belt and Road initiative’ countries: A production technology perspective

Project • CBA2018-07SY-Kwan

Integrating Health into Urban Planning towards Sustainable Development Goals in Developing Countries

Project • AOA2018-01SY-Pereira

Capacity Building for Research in Relation to IPCC, SDGs and the Paris Agreement

Peer-reviewed publication • 2017

Quantitative assessments of water-use efficiency in Temperate Eurasian Steppe along an aridity gradient

Project • CBA2017-02MY-Tanimoto

Fostering of the next generation of scientists for better understanding of air quality in Monsoon Asia and Oceania region

Project • CBA2017-06SY-Hofmann

IMBeR IMBIZO V Workshop: Management Strategy Evaluation: Achieving Transparency in Natural Resource Management by Quantitatively Bridging Social and Natural Science Uncertainties