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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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Peer-reviewed publication • 2020

Consumers’ risk perception of vegetables in Southeast Asia: Evidence from Laos, Cambodia, and Viet Nam

Project • CRRP2019-06MY-Abid

Identification and Up-Scaling of Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA) Practices for Sustainable Food Security in High Altitude Farming Regions of Himalaya

Project • CBA2019-01SY-Landicho

Establishment of rainwater harvesting technology in selected upland farming communities in the Philippines

Project • CBA2019-03MY-Kaushik

Building Capacity to Enhance Farmer’s Capabilities to Address the Challenges of Climate Change Using Climate Smart Agriculture Strategies

Project • CBA2019-07SY-Khan

Pathways to Strengthening Capabilities for Climate Smart Agriculture in Pakistan

Photo by Farida Ridhwan on Pixabay

Project • CBA2019-10MY-Ghosh Sarkar

Strengthening Adaptive Capacities of South Asian Agrarian Communities by Developing Climate Information Network (CIN) Based Scientific Cropping Calendar Towards Preparedness for Weather Extremes

Peer-reviewed publication • 2020

Water-energy-food nexus perspective: Pathway for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to country action in India

Peer-reviewed publication • 2020

Evaluation of best management practices with greenhouse gas benefits for salt-affected paddy soils in South Asia

Report • 2020

Project Final Report: CBA2017-07SY-Raj

Report • 2020

Policy Gaps and Needs Analysis for the Implementation of NDCs on Adaptation and Loss and Damage in Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka—Country Paper: Sri Lanka