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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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Guide to construct and install Constructed Floating Wetlands (CFWs) in Vietnam

Constructed Floating Wetlands (CFWs), also referred to as floating treatment wetlands, stand as remarkable human-engineered constructs meticulously designed to elevate aquatic plant growth above water surfaces. Their purpose? To effectively remove pollutants from water bodies, delivering environmental and communal benefits. To harness the fullest potential of CFWs, the following methodical sequence of steps must be undertaken, embracing a holistic approach: Assessment and selection of site, selection of plant species, sizing and shaping the floating rafts, choosing appropriate materials and tools for making rafts, steps to design rafts, deploying and anchoring the rafts and following proper operation and maintenance protocols.

The guide complements a video, offering a comprehensive understanding of the process. So, get ready to make a positive impact on your water bodies and the environment.

Feel free to explore the video alongside this guide, available at

Having gained valuable insights from the video, you can further explore the intricate landscape of effective water resource management in Vietnam. To access the detailed questionnaire, please follow this link: Questionnaire: Enhancing Water Resource Management in Vietnam

The project team is delighted to share these valuable resources, hoping they will prove to be beneficial and insightful for your endeavours.