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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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Project • CBA2021-01MY-Ocampo

Resilience-building among smallholder farmers of selected upland farming communities in the province of Isabela, Philippines

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to global crisis putting lives as well as livelihood worldwide at risk. Besides their vulnerability to natural calamities such as typhoon and the global climate change phenomenon, the agricultural sector, the backbone economy providing major livelihood in developing countries is seriously disrupted by the global pandemic. Amongst the most exposed to the risks of this pandemic are vulnerable smallholder farmers in the Philippine uplands inhabiting the marginal hilly lands. The smallholder farmers bear the brunt of this crisis as there are critical interruptions in the food system. It is therefore imperative to enhance the adaptive capacity of smallholder farmers in the uplands, redesign their production system and transform these communities to be shock resilient. This proposed capacity development project aims to increase the resilience of vulnerable smallholder farmers in the uplands from critical and pervasive threats of COVID-19 pandemic. The project specifically aims to build the knowledge and skills of upland smallholder farmers, farmer organizations, and local government units in the design and establishment of appropriate agroforestry systems in their local communities; utilize and strengthen the resources and capacity of local multi-stakeholders respectively, for collaborative resilience-building projects; and, formulate policy recommendations for institutionalization of adaptive and resilience-building programs.

Forester Rowena Esperanza D. Cabahug, OIC Director – Institute of Agroforetsry

Dr. Emerson V. Barcellano, Project Collaborator

Dr. Jose Nestor M. Garcia, Project Collaborator