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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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Project • 2006-14-NSY

Workshop on “Global Water System Hotspots in the Asian Region: Mega Cities and Dams” – 2nd GWSP Asia Network Meeting

Project • CBA2008-05NMY, CBA2009-01CMY

The Capacity Building for Drought Monitoring and Studying in Monsoon Asia Under the Framework of Asian Water Cycle Initiative (AWCI)

Project • CBA2015-06NSY-Silva

Escalating Small Hydropower Development and Aquatic Biodiversity of Mountain Streams in Sri Lanka

Project • CRRP2019-10MY-Le

Establishing a Regional Dataset on Emerging Pollutants to Support Surface Water Management of Seven Large Cities of East and Southeast Asia

Project • ARCP2007-11NMY, ARCP2008-04CMY

Regional Collaborative Research on Climate Change Impacts on Surface Water Quality in Eastern Monsoon Asia: Towards Sound Management of Climate Risks

Project • CBA2008-12NMY, CBA2009-02CMY

The Global Earth Observation System of Systems Asian Water Cycle Initiative Observation Convergence and Data Integration (GEOSS/AWCI/OCDI)

Project • ARCP2008-13NMY-Fukami, ARCP2009-01CMY-Fukami

Flood Risk Management Demonstration Project (phase 1) Under the Asian Water Cycle Initiative for the Global Earth Observation System of Systems (FRM/AWCI/GEOSS)

Project • CBA2011-14NSY-Ng

Water Safety from Source to Tap – Strategies and Implementation

Project • ARCP2015-07CMY-Babel, ARCP2014-16NMY-Babel

Developing an operational water security index, and its application in selected diverse regions of Asia

Project • ARCP2008-15NMY-Nkitana, ARCP2009-03CMY-Nikitana

Reducing Water Insecurity through Stakeholder Participation in River Basin Management in the Asia-Pacific