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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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Project • APN2000-NC01

Training Workshop for Capacity Building and Networking on Global Change Issues for Scientists in Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka

Project • CRRP2016-01MY-Park

Water Pollution Impacts on Carbon Export and Greenhouse Gas Evasion from Asian River Systems

Project • ARCP2009-13NMY, ARCP2010-01CMY

Collaborative Research on Sustainable Urban Water Quality Management in Southeast Asian Countries: Analysis of Current Status (Comparative Study) and Strategic Planning for Sustainable Development

Project • ARCP2012-16NMY-Yabe, ARCP2013-11CMY-Yabe

GEOSS/Asian Water Cycle Initiative/Water Cycle Integrator (GEOSS/AWCI/WCI)

Project • CRRP2016-06MY-Kumar

Development of new water supply strategies in two major cities of India and Sri Lanka in the context of climate change, rapid urbanization and population growth: a vulnerability assessment approach

Project • ARCP2010-13NMY-Bae, ARCP2011-05CMY-Bae

Climate Change Impact Assessment on the Asia-Pacific Water Resources Under AWCI/GEOSS

Project • CBA2012-03NMY-Rasul, CBA2013-01CMY-Rasul

Impact of Climate Change on Glacier Melting and Water Cycle Variability in Asian River Basins

Project • CBA2017-04MY-Akbar

Improving skills for promoting sustainable watershed management practices in South Asia

Project • 1998-09

Workshop on Water and Human Security for Asia

Project • ARCP2011-02CMY-Koike, ARCP2010-10NMY-Koike

River Management System Development in Asia Based on Data Integration and Analysis System (DIAS) under the GEOSS