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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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Photo by Dennis Jarvis/Wikimedia Commons

Project • CRRP2021-11MY-P.Kayastha

Floating Treatment Wetland System (FTWS) – Sustainable green technology to remediate polluted surface water bodies in the COVID-19 era

Project • CRRP2021-07MY-Dorji

Development of smart greenhouse (SGH) for temperate and alpine regions to enhance agriculture farming for future food sustainability

Photo by Bill Ringer on Unsplash

Project • CRRP2021-13MY-Opdyke

Advancing local flood decision-making for disaster risk reduction

Case study • 2021

The nexus of biodiversity and culture for local economic development

Peer-reviewed publication • 2021

Assessing contribution to the Sendai Framework: Case study of climate adaptation and disaster risk reduction projects across sectors in Asia-Pacific (2015-2020)

Peer-reviewed publication • 2021

Venturing sustainability: Political lessons from civic engagement and transformative learning in Asia

Brief • 2021

Dealing with industrial contamination: Problems and solutions from Thailand and a call to action

Report • 2021

Report of the 2nd international training program on “Climate smart agriculture practices to enhance farmer’s capabilities to address the challenges of climate change using climate smart agriculture strategies”

Peer-reviewed publication • 2021

New data on distribution of muscle and serotonin-containing cells in larvae of diadematid sea urchins from Nha Trang Bay (South China Sea)

Project • CRRP2017-01MY-Marcotullio

Tracking influences of Asian urban GHG emissions for sustainability policies: Identifying low carbon pathways to meet the Paris Agreement