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News Item • 13 October 2023

APN South Asia Proposal Development Training Workshop in Colombo, Sri Lanka

Photo by Dibakar Roy on Unsplash

Project • CRRP2023-06MY-Dey

Enabling Stakeholder Participation and Applied Research in Policy Comprehension to Mainstream Climate Resilient Agro-farming Practices in National Climate Agenda (ESPAR)

Photo by Nick van den Berg on Unsplash

Project • CRRP2023-10MY-Uchiyama

Unraveling urban resilience using City Preparedness Index: Scientific evaluation method for developing policy and action networks

Project • CBA2023-02MY-Azhari

Building capacity through co-production in Indonesia and Malaysia to address the climate change communication gap between scientific and lay audiences through journalists

Photo by Wai Siew on Unsplash

Project • CRRP2023-02MY-Neef

Moving to Remain in Place: Micro-Mobilities and Circular Migration as Adaptive Strategies to Gendered Climate Risks in Fiji and Samoa

Project • CRRP2023-05MY-Mishra

Loss and damage estimation from Extreme Climate Events in Rice Crop Using Remote Sensing Based Information for farmers’ risk reduction

Resources • 2023

Guide Framework for the Implementation of Constructed Wetlands in the Philippines

CRRP2021-04MY-Paudel - Policy brief 6

Brief • 2023

Policy brief: Indigenous knowledge and weather forecasting: A weapon to predict extreme weather events

CRRP2021-04MY-Paudel - Policy brief 7

Brief • 2023

Policy brief: Local practices to mitigate salinity problem in coastal Bangladesh: Lesson from the ground reality

Peer-reviewed publication • 2023

Formation mechanism and source apportionment of nitrate in atmospheric aerosols