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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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Project • ARCP2007-14NMY, ARCP2008-07CMY

Climate Perturbation and Coastal Zone Systems in Asia Pacific Region: Holistic Approaches and Tools for Vulnerability Assessment and Sustainable Management Strategy

Project • ARCP2007-19NMY, ARCP2008-10CMY

Development and Application of Climate Extreme Indices and Indicators for Monitoring Trends in Climate Extremes and their Socio-Economic Impacts in South Asian Countries

Project • CBA2007-05NSY

New Risks of Climate Change – Building Capacity to Protect the Most Vulnerable

Project • CBA2007-07NSY

Workshop on “The Monsoon System: Prediction of Change and Variability”

Project • 2006-07-NMY, 2007-02-CMY

International Integrated Water Data Access and Transfer in Asia (IIWaDATA) Project

Project • 2006-12-NMY, 2007-06-CMY

Climate Crop Disease Risk Management: An International Initiative in the Asia-Pacific Region

Project • ARCP2006-06NMY, ARCP2007-01CMY, ARCP2008-01CMY

Sediment Dynamics and Downstream Linkages in Tropical Streams as Affected by Projected Land-Cover/Land-Use and Climatic Change

Project • ARCP2006-09NMY, ARCP2007-04CMY, ARCP2008-02CMY-David, ARCP2013-28RUF-David

Integrated Vulnerability Assessment of Coastal Areas in the Southeast Asia and East Asian Region

Project • CBA2006-05NMY, CBA2007-02CMY

Climate Change and Variability Implications on Biodiversity — Youth Scenario Simulations and Adaptations

Project • APN2005-21-NMY, ARCP2006-04-CMY

Agricultural Land Use Policy in East and South Asia – Rapidly Changing Landscapes and its Impacts on Regional Food Security and its Future Scenario