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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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Peer-reviewed publication • 2009

The governance of ecosystem services from tropical upland watersheds

Peer-reviewed publication • 2009

Assessment of a distributed biosphere hydrological model against streamflow and MODIS land surface temperature in the upper Tone River Basin

Peer-reviewed publication • 2009

Improving the hydrology of the Simple Biosphere Model 2 and its evaluation within the framework of a distributed hydrological model

Peer-reviewed publication • 2009

Climate-change Aspersions of Food Security of Pakistan

Peer-reviewed publication • 2009

Effects of sensor spatial resolutions and classification themes on urban landscape analysis: a case study in Shanghai, China

Project • ARCP2008-13NMY-Fukami, ARCP2009-01CMY-Fukami

Flood Risk Management Demonstration Project (phase 1) Under the Asian Water Cycle Initiative for the Global Earth Observation System of Systems (FRM/AWCI/GEOSS)

Project • ARCP2008-17NMY, ARCP2009-05CMY

Peri-Urban Development and Environmental Sustainability: Examples from China and India

Project • CBA2008-03NSY

Training Course on Regional Downscaling for Asia-Pacific Region Using APEC Climate Centre Global Seasonal Climate Prediction

Project • ARCP2008-20NMY, ARCP2009-08CMY-Iqbal

Assessment of Food and Water Security in South-Asia under Changing Climate Scenario Using Crop Simulation and Water Management Models, and Identification of Appropriate Strategies to Meet Future Demands

Project • CBA2008-08NSY-Andonowati

Integrating Indonesian Capacity for Coastal Zone Management