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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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Peer-reviewed publication • 2009

Climate change and drought: a risk assessment of crop-yield impacts

Project • CBA2008-10NSY-Dye

Regional Participation in the US-Japan Workshop on Monsoon Asia Tropical Forest Carbon Dynamics and Sustainability

Peer-reviewed publication • 2008

Migration patterns of Neolithic settlements on the abandoned Yellow and Yangtze River deltas of China

Peer-reviewed publication • 2008

Mangrove wetland ecosystems in Ganges-Brahmaputra delta in Bangladesh

Project • ARCP2007-15-NSY

Assessing the Mitigation and Adaptation Options for Tropical Peatlands to Reduce GHG Emissions and Increase Resilience to Climate Change

Project • ARCP2007-18-NSY

Using CDM Opportunities to Mitigate the Release of Greenhouse Gases by Improving Waste Management Practices

Project • ARCP2007-16NMY, ARCP2008-08CMY

Asian Mega-Deltas: Monsoon Circulation in Relation to Deltaic-Coastal Hazards and Future Mitigation

Project • ARCP2007-09-NSY

Carbon Financial Markets, Rural Poverty, and Global Climate Change in Southeast Asia – Scoping Workshop, Training and Project Site Development

Project • CRP2006-02NMY, CRP2007-02CMY, CRP2008-02CMY

Integrated Model Development for Water and Food Security Assessments and Analysis of the Potential of Mitigation Options and Sustainable Development Opportunities in Temperate Northeast Asia

Project • 2005-07-NMY, 2006-01-CMY

Standardization and Systematization of Carbon-budget Observation in Asian Terrestrial Ecosystems Based on AsiaFlux Framework