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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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Peer-reviewed publication • 2024

Application of spatial model the contribution of land subsidence caused by palm oil plantations land clearing to the escalating flood risk in the Trumon Area, South Aceh Regency, Indonesia

Peer-reviewed publication • 2023

Climate-smart agriculture strategies for South Asia to address the challenges of climate change: Identification of climate-resilient agriculture practices for India, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan

Resources • 2023

Climate change adaptation through site-specific agroforestry farming for communities and households in the upstream catchment area of Da River: A Practical Guidance (Hmong language)

Photo by Nick van den Berg on Unsplash

Project • CRRP2023-10MY-Uchiyama

Unraveling urban resilience using City Preparedness Index: Scientific evaluation method for developing policy and action networks

Peer-reviewed publication • 2023

The dichotomy of wet and dry trends over India by aerosol indirect effects in CMIP5 models

Report • 2023

Policy Meeting: GReenhouse Gas Emissions from Paddy Ecosystems – Critical Windows of Water and Gas Diffusivity (GREPEC)

Peer-reviewed publication • 2023

Linear and copula model for understanding climate drivers of hydroclimatic extremes: a case study of Serayu river basin, Indonesia

Peer-reviewed publication • 2023

Tracking influences of Asian urban greenhouse gas emissions for sustainability policies: Preliminary report

Panel discussion

News Item • 1 March 2023

SDGs International Forum for Achieving Carbon Neutrality and Realising a Decarbonised Society

Peer-reviewed publication • 2023

Examining local community understanding of mangrove carbon mitigation: A case study from Ca Mau province, Mekong River Delta, Vietnam