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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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Peer-reviewed publication • 2020

An integrated method for identifying present status and risk of drought in Bangladesh

Peer-reviewed publication • 2019

Surface chlorophyll-a variations in the southeastern tropical Indian Ocean during various types of the positive Indian Ocean Dipole events

Peer-reviewed publication • 2017

Abnormal features of oceanographic characteristics in upwelling Vietnam waters under impact of El Nino event

Peer-reviewed publication • 2021

Scenario-based hydrological modeling for designing climate-resilient coastal water resource management measures: lessons from Brahmani River, Odisha, eastern India

Report • 2021

Project Final Report: CAF2017-RR02-CMY-Siswanto

Peer-reviewed publication • 2021

Linking blue carbon ecosystems with sustainable tourism: Dichotomy of urban–rural local perspectives from the Philippines

Peer-reviewed publication • 2021

The formation of subtropical phytoplankton blooms Is dictated by water column stability during winter and spring in the oligotrophic Northwestern North Pacific

Webinar • 6 May 2021

International webinar on plastic/microplastic pollution and management

Peer-reviewed publication • 2021

Roles of ecotourism in household income improvement and natural resources protection in Tam Giang Lagoon of Quang Loi Commune, Quang Dien

Presentation • 2021

Comparison of coral bleaching hotspot mapping in Southeast Asia (Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam) based on sea surface temperature modelling by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Coral Reef Watch before and during Covid-19 Pandemic