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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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Peer-reviewed publication • 2019

Retrieval of biomass burning haze aerosol optical thickness using MODIS 500m data

Project • CRRP2018-04MY-Ali

Towards robust projections of climate extremes and adaptation plans over South Asia

Project • CRRP2018-03MY-Hashimoto

Plausible alternative futures of island mangroves in the Asia-Pacific: Scenario-based analysis and quantification of mangrove ecosystem services in coastal hazard mitigation and climate change adaptation

Project • CRRP2018-05MY-Harper

Assessing the feasibility of applying payment for forest ecosystem services in Viet Nam and Bangladesh mangrove forests

Project • CRRP2018-06MY-Yanto

Understanding space-time variability of climate extremes for societal resiliency in Indonesia and India

Project • CRRP2018-07MY-Kafle

Improving assessment of drought and mitigating its impact on food and water in Nepal and adjoining parts of India

Project • CRRP2018-08MY-Koike

Implementing Science and Technology in Society for Water-related Disaster Risk Reduction – Development of the Platforms on Water Resilience and Disasters in Myanmar, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Indonesia

Project • CRRP2018-11SY-Wijenayake

Policy gaps and needs analysis for the implementation of NDCs on adaptation, and loss and damage in Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka

Project • CBA2018-01MY-Wanthongchai

Integrated Highland Wildfire, Smoke and Haze Management in the Upper Indochina Region

Project • CBA2018-04MY-Geetha

Capacity development training workshop on crop simulation modelling and effects of climate risks on agricultural production systems in Southeast Asia