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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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Project • AOA2023-01SY-Saurav

Asia-Pacific Network of Early Career Professionals for Global Change Research (APN-ECAP) Platform for visibility in global change and sustainability

The Asia-Pacific Network of Early Career Professionals for Global Change Research (APN-ECAP) is an exciting initiative dedicated to empowering early career professionals across the Asia-Pacific region. Established in response to the pressing need for visibility and engagement in global change and sustainability efforts, APN-ECAP offers a dynamic platform for ECAPs to network, share ideas, plan initiatives, and take collective action.

The objectives of APN-ECAP are simple yet profound: to equip early career professionals with the resources, knowledge, and collaborative opportunities they need to advocate for youth engagement in decision-making processes. The network bridges the gap between ECAPs and experienced professionals, academics, scientists, and policymakers.

APN-ECAP is an inclusive space where ECAPs can actively engage with APN activities, capacity-building programs, and other relevant opportunities. Through their active participation in monitoring, evaluating, and disseminating APN project outputs, ECAPs play a vital role in driving APN’s initiatives and promoting the integration of young voices into global sustainability issues.

The APN Steering Committee has embraced this visionary initiative, signifying their strong support for youth involvement in global change and sustainability. Through a series of well-organised steps and a passionate community of ECAPs, APN-ECAP is on track to become a significant force in addressing global sustainability and change challenges.

The APN-ECAP’s mission can be distilled into a powerful mantra: “ECAPs in Networking, Planning, and Action.” This reflects the network’s commitment to providing a platform for early career professionals to become collaborators, leaders, knowledge holders, disseminators, and changemakers, ensuring their invaluable visibility and active participation in APN’s mission to tackle global challenges head-on.