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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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APN-ECAP Kick-off Meeting Report

The Asia-Pacific Network of Early Career Professionals for Global Change Research (APN-ECAP) is an exciting initiative dedicated to empowering early career professionals across the Asia-Pacific  region. Established in response to the pressing need for youth visibility and engagement in global change and sustainability efforts, APN-ECAP offers a dynamic platform for Early Career Professionals (ECAPs) to network, share ideas, plan initiatives, and take collective action.

The objectives of APN-ECAP are simple yet profound: to equip early career professionals with the resources, knowledge, and collaborative opportunities they need to advocate for youth engagement in decision-making processes. APN-ECAP kick-off meeting, “Exploring Visions: Initiating the APN-ECAP Journey,” stems from the necessity to create a dedicated platform where ECAPs can connect, share ideas, and collaboratively work towards tangible solutions for sustainability challenges in the Asia-Pacific region.

Moreover, the meeting sought to align with APN’s broader goals of promoting regional research collaborations, enhancing capacity development, strengthening science-policy linkages, and engaging stakeholders in a meaningful way. By focusing on ECAPs, APN-ECAP aspires to cultivate a new generation of leaders and innovators who are wellequipped to drive change and contribute significantly to the field of global change research.