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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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Building capacity at individual, organizational and systemic levels

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Project • 2003-CB01-NMY, 2004-CB02-CMY

Building the Capacity of Mekong River Countries to Assess Impacts from Climate Change: Case Study Approach on the Assessment of Community Vulnerability and Adaptation to the Impact of Climate Change on Water Resources and Food Production.

Project • 2003-CB02-NMY, 2004-CB03-CMY, 2005-CB04-CMY

Training Institute on Climate and Extreme Events in the Pacific

Project • 2003-CB03-NMY, 2004-CB05-CMY, 2005-CB05-CMY

Capacity Development for Greenhouse Gases Inventory Development in Asia-Pacific Developing Countries

Project • 2003-CB04-NSY

Creating Climate Change Knowledge Networks through Strategic Global Linkages

Project • 2003-CB05-NMY, 2004-CB04-CMY

Capacity Building in Climate Change Mitigation with Locally Owned Technology and Systems

Project • 2003-CB06-NSY

UNFCCC Training Workshop for National Climate Change Focal Points in the APN region on Guiedlines for National Communications from Non-Annex I Parties

Project • 2003-CB07-NSY

National Capacity Building Workshops on Global Change Research

Project • 2003-CB08-NSY

Travel Fellowships for Young Scientists to attend the 1st CLIVAR conference/Climate Modelling Workshops on RCMS

Project • 2003-CRP01-NMY, 2004-CRP01-CMY, 2005-CRP01-CMY

Enhancement of National Capacities in the Application of Simulaton Models for the Assessment of Climate Change and its Impacts on Water Resources and Food & Agricultural Production

Project • 2003-CRP02-NMY, 2004-CRP02-CMY, 2005-CRP02-CMY

Integrated Assessment Model for Developing Countries and Analysis of Mitigation Options and Sustainable Development Opportunities