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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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Project • CBA2007-07NSY

Workshop on “The Monsoon System: Prediction of Change and Variability”

Project • CBA2007-08NSY

Capacity Building to Study Interrelations between Atmospheric Composition, Anthropogenic Load and Climate Change in Northern Asia

Project • CBA2007-09NSY

Capacity Building in Asian Countries on Climate Change Issues Related to Future Regime

Project • CRP2006-01NMY, CRP2007-01CMY, CRP2008-01CMY

Improving Policy Responses to Interactions Between Global Environmental Change and Food Security Across the Indo-Gangetic Plain

Project • CRP2006-02NMY, CRP2007-02CMY, CRP2008-02CMY

Integrated Model Development for Water and Food Security Assessments and Analysis of the Potential of Mitigation Options and Sustainable Development Opportunities in Temperate Northeast Asia

Project • CRP2006-03NMY, CRP2007-03CMY, CRP2008-03CMY

Climate Change in Southeast Asia and Assessment on Impact, Vulnerability and Adaptation on Rice Production and Water Balance

Project • CBA2006-01NSY

Capacity building and buidling research needs on the ecology of global change and Island landscapes of the Republic of Palau

Project • CBA2006-02NSY

ESSP 2nd Young Scientists Global Change Conference and Open Science Conference. Beijing, China, 7-12 November 2006

Project • CBA2006-03NSY

Integrated Participatory Analysis of Sustainability in the Greater Mekong Sub-region

Project • CBA2006-04NMY, CBA2007-01CMY

Removing Barriers to Capacity Building in Least Developed Countries: Transferring Tools and Methodologies for Managing Vulnerability and Adaptation to Climate Change