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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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Project • ARCP2007-17NMY-Espaldon, ARCP2008-09CMY-Espaldon

Assessing Vulnerability of Communities and Understanding Policy Implications of Adaptation Responses to Flood-Related Landslides in Asia

Conference material • 2007

Proceedings of the UNU International Symposium on POPs: Global Transport, Best Environmental Practice, and Risk Perception

Project • CBA2006-08NSY-Salinger

International Workshop on Coping with Agrometeorological Risks and Uncertainties: Challenges and Opportunities

Project • 2006-12-NMY, 2007-06-CMY

Climate Crop Disease Risk Management: An International Initiative in the Asia-Pacific Region

Project • 2005-14-NSY

Community relocation as an option for adaptation to the effects of climate change and climate variability in Pacific Island Countries (PICs)

Project • 2004-CB01-NSY

An Assessment of the Socio-Economic Impacts of Floods under Climate Change Conditions in Large Coastal Cities in South and Southeast Asia

Project • 2004-CB07-NSY

Prototype Training Workshop for Educators on the Effects of Climate Change on Seasonality and Environmental Hazards

Project • ARCP2004-11-NMY, ARCP2005-01-CMY

Institutional capacity in natural disasters risk reduction: A comparative analysis of institutions, national policies, and cooperative responses to floods in Asia

Project • 2003-CB02-NMY, 2004-CB03-CMY, 2005-CB04-CMY

Training Institute on Climate and Extreme Events in the Pacific

Project • 2003-CB04-NSY

Creating Climate Change Knowledge Networks through Strategic Global Linkages