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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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Conference material • 2011

Proceedings of the International Conference Marine Biodiversity of East Asian Seas: Status, Challenges and Sustainable Development

Project • ARCP2011-10CMY-Lutaenko, ARCP2010-18NMY-Lutaenko

Coastal Marine Biodiversity of Viet Nam: Regional and Local Challenges and Coastal Zone Management for Sustainable Development

Project • CBA2010-11NSY-DeGuzman

Capacity Building for Research and Monitoring of Marine Protected Areas: An Adaptive Mechanism for Climate Change in the Asia-Pacific Region

Project • CBA2010-13NMY-Kawai, CBA2011-01CMY-Kawai

Capacity Building of Biodiversity Research in the Coastal Zones of the Asia Pacific Region: Phycology Taxonomy Analysis Training Using Genetic Marker

Resources • 2010

Monitoring Marine Protected Areas In the Asia-Pacific Region: A Training Manual

Project • ARCP2009-19NMY-Bai, ARCP2010-07CMY-Bai

Asian Coastal Ecosystems: An Integrated Database and Information Management System (DIMS) for Assessing Impact of Climate Change and its Appraisal

Peer-reviewed publication • 2009

The Methodical Advisories to Research Ship Ballast Waters During Realization of Marine Bioinvasions Monitoring

Peer-reviewed publication • 2009

Fuzzy Logic Water Quality Index and Importance of Water Quality Parameters

Peer-reviewed publication • 2009

Discovery of larvae of the hermit crab Diogenes nitidimanus Terao, 1913 (Decapoda: Diogenidae) in ship ballast waters: Evidence in support of its introduction into Peter the Great Bay

Peer-reviewed publication • 2009

Acclimation and introduction of hybrobionts ships’ ballast water organisms in the Port of Vladivostok