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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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Book / book chapter • 2012

Biodiversity and Agro-biodiversity in Sri Lanka: A case in Village Tank Systems

Project • ARCP2013-03CMY-Herath, ARCP2012-03CMY-Herath, ARCP2011-13NMY-Herath

Developing Ecosystem based Adaptation Strategies for Enhancing Resilience of Rice Terrace Farming Systems against Climate Change

Project • ARCP2011-14NMY-Salik, ARCP2012-04CMY-Salik

Impact of Climate Change on Mangroves Ecosystem in South Asia

Project • ARCP2011-15NMY-Zhen, ARCP2012-05CMY-Zhen

Holistic Assessment of Land-use Change and Impacts on Ecosystem Services of Wetlands

Project • ARCP2011-17NMY-Mathukumalli, ARCP2012-07CMY-Ramanathan

Tracing Nitrogen and Carbon Biogeochemical Processes in the Inter-tidal Mangrove Ecosystem (Sundarban) of India and Bangladesh: Implications of the Global Environmental Change

Project • CBA2011-08NSY-Baker

Towards Engagement in the United Nations Regular Process for Global Assessment of the Marine Environment: Strengthening Capacity of Developing Countries in the Seas of East Asia

Project • CBA2011-10NSY-Ngari

International Workshop on Climate and Oceanic Fisheries

Project • CBA2011-17NSG-Devy

Building Partnerships for Developing a South Asian Canopy Science Research Program

Project • ARCP2013-02CMY-Fortes, ARCP2012-02CMY-Fortes, ARCP2011-12NMY-Fortes

Seagrass-Mangrove Ecosystems: Bioshields against Biodiversity Loss and Impacts of Local and Global Change along Indo-Pacific Coasts (the Seagrass-Mangrove Bioshield Project, SMBP)

Peer-reviewed publication • 2011

Global change and capacity building in coral reef management in the pacific: Engaging scientists and policy-makers in Fiji, Tonga, Samoa and Tuvalu