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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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Takahiro Taguchi, via Unsplash

Project • CRRP2022-02MY-Shoyama

Ecosystem-based adaptation in Temperate East Asia: Development of an indicator system for evaluating rural ecosystem restoration programs

Photo by Anna Finke/CIFOR

Project • CRRP2022-03MY-Muhamad Varkkey

Policy and governance approaches to cooperative mitigation of peatland carbon emissions and transboundary haze in Southeast Asia

Book / book chapter • 2022

Biorights: The Neo-economic Conservation Paradigm for Global South

Peer-reviewed publication • 2021

Co-production of knowledge and transformative learning towards a sustainable Asia

Peer-reviewed publication • 2021

Venturing sustainability: Political lessons from civic engagement and transformative learning in Asia

Photo by Tom Rickhuss on Unsplash

Project • CBA2020-03MY-Dey

Building capacities among AP-PLAT partners in the “science of pricing ecosystem services” for enabling ecosystem-based adaptation for sustainable future

Project • CRECS2020-03MY-Seah

The impacts of Himalaya’s glacier melting on arsenic mass balance and its mobility in Mekong and Salween sub-region groundwater

Photo by Galen Crout on Unsplash

Project • CBA2019-04MY-Balikuddembe

Climate Change, Ageing and Disability: Life Experience of Being Old, Disabled and Affected by Climate-Induced Disasters in China

Peer-reviewed publication • 2018

Suburban industrial land development in transitional China: Spatial restructuring and determinants

Project • CBA2018-05SY-Indrawan

Capturing sustainable development innovations from the ground, towards strategic advocacy and mainstreaming for SDGs policy across the ASEAN region