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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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Climate adaptive and gender integrated heat wave action plan of Surat City, India

As developed by IRADe, the climate adaptive and gender integrated plan policy recommendations for Surat City adds the following advantages to the locally-led efforts to mitigate heat stress:

  • It provides a climate-sensitive framework for implementation, coordination and evaluation
  • Alerts populations at risk of heat-related illness in places where extreme heat conditions prevail, by adopting dynamic climate intelligence
  • It provides gendered response to the differential impacts of heat wave.

This report discusses a framework for developing such climate adaptive and gender-inclusive heat action plans, by discussing the gendered survey findings and vulnerability assessments which were conducted as a part of the CBA2021-07SY-Magotra project. The report also discusses potential strategies and modes of implementation for such an action plan in Surat City.