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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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Biorights: The Neo-economic Conservation Paradigm for Global South

This book evaluates local conservation successes of global south in the climate milieu, as an empirical evidence of ‘Bio-rights’ of commons at community-ecosystem interface for sustainable intensification of nature’s goods and services. Bio-rights is a right-based neo-economic conservation paradigm that compensates the opportunity costs incurred in conservation efforts by the marginal communities, living near globally important ecosystems and dependent on it for their livelihood, through payments from environment services. The book would bring forth the true value of circular economic interventions in socio-ecological conservation, shaped through sustainable human interactions with nature.

This multilevel study of conservation science serves an interdisciplinary academia, consistent with conventions on climate change, bio-diversity and sustainable development, to establish links between conservation priorities and development objectives. Herein, Bio-rights is introduced as a ‘design approach’ for production linked sustainable development, supplemented with case studies from the east.