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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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Project • CBA2019-03MY-Kaushik

Building Capacity to Enhance Farmer’s Capabilities to Address the Challenges of Climate Change Using Climate Smart Agriculture Strategies

Considering the change in climatic conditions and its impact on agriculture output, there is an urgency to develop new adaptive approaches of agriculture to address this challenge. The recently developed Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) approach appears promising to feed growing world population under climate change. The CSA concept relies on three components: productivity, adaptation, and mitigation. Different training programs for farmers have focused on any one of these aspects however present alarming situation demands an integrated approach to address the massive challenge of climate change. This could be possible by capacity building of small farmers by providing hands on training about new mitigation approaches, different adaptive techniques of agriculture etc. In this context, it is proposed to demonstrate the above concept in organizational as well as individual levels with appropriate mechanisms for institutionalizing the intervention in view of sustainability dimension. The initiative will be embedded in the current system of agro advisory development and dissemination in India by Amity University by demonstrating in one state with plans to widen the impact through policy workshops at the end. Highly skilled scientists from South east Asian countries will be trained at collaborating institutes in Australia and India in CSA approaches and these personnel will further train the local institutes and farmers about the approaches of CSA and its benefits.

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