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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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Project • CIA2009-02NSY-Pulhin

Capacity Development on Integration of Science and Local Knowledge for Climate Change Impacts and Vulnerability Assessments

Project • CIA2009-03-Lun

Climate Change in the Eastern Himalayas: Advancing Community-Based Scientific Capacity to Support Climate Change Adaptation

Project • CIA2009-04-Gaol

Increasing Capacity of Local Scientists for Climate Change Impact & Vulnerability Assessments on Indonesia Archipelagos: Training In-Situ/Satellite Sea Level Measurement

Project • CIA2009-05-Jitpraphai

Developing Research Capacity on Assessing Community Livelihood Vulnerability to Climate Change Impacts in Central Vietnam and Mekong River Delta

Project • CIA2009-06-Duc

Capacity Development for Adaptation to Climate Change in the Rural Coastal Zone of Vietnam

Project • CIA2009-07-Lotia

Capacity Development of the Scientific Community for Assessing the Health Impacts of Climate Change

Project • CIA2009-01-Snidvongs

Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment and Urban Development Planning for Asian Coastal Cities