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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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Project • AOA2018-01SY-Pereira

Capacity Building for Research in Relation to IPCC, SDGs and the Paris Agreement

Project • AOA2019-01SY-Shrestha

Special issue on climate impacts, vulnerability and adaptation

Project • AOA2011-05NSY-Forest, Governance

APN-Sponsored Conference on “Beyond Carbon: Ensuring Justice and Equity in the Operationalisation of REDD+ Across Levels of Governance”

Project • AOA2012-05NSY-Herath

UNU-CECAR/UNU-ISP/APN Training Programme on Climate Change Downscaling Approaches and Applications, 09-20 November 2012

Project • OAA2014-01SY-SEN

Climate Change Innovation and Resilience for Sustainable Livelihood

Project • OAA2013-02SY-EMECS

EMECS10 — MEDCOAST2013 Joint Conference

Project • AOA2011-01NSY-EMECS

EMECS9 — Global Summit on Coastal Seas

Project • AOA2012-08NSY-Lansigan

International Conference on Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation for Food and Environmental Security