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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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Webinars on coastal and marine ecosystem-based economic development

To promote dialogue and to share knowledge and experiences on coastal and marine ecosystem-based economic development, GRID-Arendal and the World Bank are organizing a series of three interactive video conference sessions. The sessions will highlight opportunities and discuss practical experiences of how ocean ecosystem-based economic development can be sustained and contribute to building strong and climate resilient communities.

The themes of the sessions are as follows:

Session 1:  Conceptual Framework for a Green Economy in a Blue World—Opportunities and rationale as well as practical approaches from case studies (April 2012)

Session 2:  Untapped Potential—addressing the need to value the contribution that ocean ecosystem services can make as a result of a number of reforms or more sustainable management measures, and demonstrate how flows of capital—from natural to social to financial and back again—can lead to green growth under appropriate governance frameworks (June 2012)

Session 3:  Building on Success—Selected case studies within the Asia Pacific region which illustrate successful application of policies and practices that effectively capture ocean resource rents to build community wealth and welfare, and their potential for scaling up a Green Economy in a Blue World  (September 2012)

Registration information

Please submit your confirmation of participation to the designated local contact person. (See box to the right for local contact persons)

Registration Deadline: March 30, 2012.



For Program Information:

Marea Hatziolos

Telephone: +1 202 473-1061


For GDLN Central Contacts at TDLC

(logistical and VC technical support):

Takiko Koyama

Sachiko Oda

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More information about the webinar series: Green Economy in a Blue World Brochure – March 21 2012