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Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research

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Webinar: Green Economy in a Blue World, Session 2

Global Development Learning Network Seminar Series

Green Economy in a Blue World

Session 2: Greening Growth in Coastal Cities

June 20, 2012

To promote dialogue and to share knowledge and experiences on coastal and marine ecosystem-based economic development, GRID-Arendal and the World Bank are organizing a series of three interactive video conference sessions.

Session 2 of the GDLN series on a Green Economy in a Blue World will focus on the challenges and opportunities that rapidly urbanizing coastal cities and growing megacities represent to reversing cumulative impacts on ocean health and harnessing the potential of ocean and coastal ecosystem services to stimulate green economic growth.

Countries to be Connected (Local Time)

  • Vietnam       9:00-11:30
  • Indonesia    9:00-11:30
  • Thailand    9:00-11:30
  • Philippines  10:00-12:30
  • China  10:00-12:30
  • Japan  11:00-13:30
  • USA (June 19)  22:00-00:30


  1. Challenges and Opportunities of Green Economy and Urbanization
  2. Discussion/Q&A
  3. Country Case 1 from the Philippines
  4. Country Case 2 from Indonesia
  5. Discussion/Q&A

Target Audience

  • National and local government officials in environment, fisheries, finance, and planning ministries and agencies.
  • Officials from relevant regional organizations (e.g. ASEAN, PEMSEA)
  • Other partners and stakeholders such as academics, private sector, practitioners, civil society organizations in the field of environment and fisheries.
  •  World Bank staff and other donor staff in country offices.

More information can be found on official flyer  Green Economy in a Blue World Session 2- Brochur. You may also fill out the on-line form using this link: